Pledgie FAQ

What is Pledgie?

Pledgie is a website that allows anyone to raise funds online for meaningful causes. There is no charge for the service. Instead, Pledgie's goal is to create an online version of the personal, one-on-one interactions that traditionally are at the heart of successful grassroots volunteerism. Pledgie was developed by Mark and Garry, you can read more about the sordid details on our about page.

Do I need a PayPal account to use Pledgie?

You do not need a PayPal account to use Pledgie, except if you want to take online donations. The current version of Pledgie requires a PayPal account to transfer funds between the donor and the campaign owner.

Do I need to be a non-profit or a charity to set up a Pledgie Campaign?

No, anyone can set up a Pledgie campaign! Pledgie was started to allow individuals and organizations alike to raise money for themselves or others.

When do I get my money from my campaign donors?

There are two types of campaigns All or Nothing , and Everything Helps on Pledgie. The All or Nothing campaigns only transfer funds to your PayPal account, if you reach your goal in time. Once your campaign is complete it may take a day or two for PayPal to processes your donors for their funds. In contrast, donations made to Everything Helps style campaigns are transferred to your PayPal account the moment they are processed by PayPal. In both kinds of campaigns Pledgie does not keep any of the money in our accounts, all transactions are handled by PayPal.

How much does Pledgie cost?

It is totally free to start a Pledgie campaign, but Pledgie keeps 3.0% from every donation to help support Pledgie uses Paypal to handle the actual financial transaction. Paypal may charge a fee to process the payment depending on your account settings and transaction type.

Why did the amount raised in my all or nothing style campaign decrease?

When you run an all or nothing campaign PayPal does not actually collect the funds at that point. The donor authorizes PayPal to withdraw the money at some later point. It is possible that a donor may decide to revoke this authorization. At the point that they do they will send a message to Pledgie. Pledgie will then remove the donor from the list and adjust the campaign total appropriately.

My all or nothing campaign was fully funded but I did not receive all my funds

In some cases PayPal may not be able to process funds from a donor who previously preauthorized a payment. This could happen for any number of reasons. For example, the donors PayPal account may have insufficient funds. In these rare cases your Pledgie campaign may not receive all the funds you thought you would. It is important to note that Pledgie does not charge its 3.0% fee to that donation if a donor is unable to pay.

How can I promote my Pledgie campaign?

Pledgie offers a variety of ways for you to help spread the word about your cause. We offer a “send to a friend” functionality, which you can use to quickly notify your friends about your campaign. However, most people find the Pledgie badge to be the most effective way to promote their campaign. There is more info on the badges in the next question.

What is a Pledgie Badge?

The most powerful and unique feature of Pledgie is the Pledgie badge. The badge is an image which is easily placed on web pages, MySpace pages, or blogs. The badge links directly to your campaign page. The best thing about the badge is that it is easily shared. If you are trying to promote your campaign, yet your friends want to do more than just give money suggest that they embed your badge on their site. Here is an example:
Click here to lend your support to: RAM 1.0 and make a donation at !

Can I delete comments on my campaign?

Pledgie is an open and collaborative community, which means that we work hard to empower all parties involved. Pledgie does not pre-screen anyone’s campaign; instead we rely on the community to ask the tough questions. Therefore, we don’t allow campaign owners to delete comments. However, if someone posts to your campaign with racist, threatening or hateful content please report them to

I donated but now I show up as “Anonymous” in the donor's list; what gives?

Pledgie allows anyone to donate anonymously by clicking a special checkbox during the donation process. It is possible that you inadvertently checked this box. If you are a Pledgie member you can simply log into your account and manage how your donation is credited. If you are not a Pledgie member and would like to change your donation credits please email

I did not want my name to appear in the donor’s list, how can I remove it?

Pledgie allows anyone to donate anonymously by clicking a special checkbox during the donation process. If you did not click this box during the donation process you can log into your account and manage how your donation is credited. If you are not a Pledgie member and would like to change how your donation credits please email

I found a fraudulent campaign how do I get Pledgie to remove it?

Pledgie does not prescreen any campaigns and we rely on people like you to let us know when Pledgie members go bad. The easiest way to report fraudulent or inappropriate campaigns it to mark them with one of the three campaign flags “Scam”, “Spam”, “Inappropriate”, which are located near the top right of all campaign pages.

I found a bug in Pledgie. What do I do now?

If you found an error in Pledgie, technical, grammatical, or comical please let us know here. Team Pledgie reads the discussions threads on a daily basis, and these forums are a great way to find answers quickly. Tell us what you were trying to accomplish, for example, “signing in to my account” or “creating a new campaign”. A step-by-step process for recreating the bug is essential because it will save us lots of time trying to trigger it.

More Questions? Write “Team Pledgie”.