About Pledgie

"The value of a man resides in what he gives and not in what he is capable of receiving."
— Albert Einstein

Finding resources to support good causes is hard work; fund-raising takes substantial time and effort. Organizations and individuals who depend on donations often rely on volunteers to help raise them. Volunteers succeed because they personalize the cause and make it relevant to their friends and neighbors, often through simple and humble actions like standing outside in the cold ringing a bell. City by city and block by block people give because they are compelled to support not only the larger cause but also the passion and conviction of the volunteer.

Organizations and individuals collect donations online using services like PayPal. Unfortunately, people passionate about a cause can do little more than directly give money. What is lacking is the technological means for an online volunteerism to flourish, where individuals can raise money on behalf of others in a highly personal way. This is why we created Pledgie.com

Pledgie.com is a framework of services which creates an open collaborative context around the act of giving. Pledgie.com was created by an artist Mark and a programmer Garry. They built Pledgie.com on nights and weekends, fueled by gallons of ice-tea Mark called "Rocketea™" (and occasionally a couple beers). Garry and Mark are both new fathers and as such the words "discretionary income" are no longer in our vocabularies. Yet, becoming fathers actually increased our desire to make the world better.

It is in this spirit that we hope Pledgie as an idea directly or indirectly makes the world a better place.

-- Mark(winter 2011)