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Defend your rights to Healthy Food!Get the Government out of Private and Personal Health Decisions!Please support the Hershberger family with charitable relief and help to defray any legal expenses, as Vernon sets out to defend your American right to p...
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I'm guessing if you've got this far you already know what this is about, but if not lets get straight to the point! This Christmas me and some of my girls will be working at a homeless shelter called the Crash Pad for people aged 16-24. I don't think m...
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blatherlikeme is in serious trouble. Due to a severe depressive disorder, she has recently lost her home and is living in her car. She has some help from a SW but it's hard to find even temporary housing in this economy and on short notice. She's tryin...
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This is a relief fund that is being created to help Lance and Jamie re-build their lives after suffering a devastating house fire in the early morning hours of January 6.The house is gone, and well as all the contents. They have three small children, a...
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Many of you know about Jake's love of elephants.  We were happy to hear that-for his birthday-he wanted everyone to make a donation to a charity that helps these animals.  With Jake's help, we chose California-based Wildaid.  WildAid is a very outspoke...
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Since 1952, the East Brunswick Rescue Squad has been saving lives and relieving the suffering of the sick and injured at no cost to the patient. We are a 501( c )(3) non-profit organization that is funded entirely by donations from township residents, ...
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This cause has been set up in memory of our dear friend and colleague Sokha, who sadly passed away on 21st March 2013. Sokhar was a very respected and loved part of the Buffalo Tours team in Cambodia. He was born and lived in Siem Reap and worked with ...
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Yusuf Mosque ( is a place of worship, socializing and education serving the needs of the Muslim community in Allston, Brighton and surrounding towns: Cambridge, Brookline, Newton and the city of Boston. The Mosque is envision...
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PAWS New England received an emergency call for help from a local veterinarian this week. A family came to her clinic with a 6 month old Shiba Inu, Hachi, who had been trampled by a horse and sustained a serious leg fracture. Sadly, the family could no...
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Please help us to raise money to buy a used Mitsubishi L200 Pick Up for 25th brigade. We found one of the cheapest model L200 1997. This car is really good for off roads, river crossing, wet and dirty terrain. Our volunteers in Germany will help to buy...
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Hi everyone, my name is Maria Smith and I am currently a Psychology student at the University of Bedfordshire, graduating summer 2014. My trip will be for 3 months and while I am there I will be on a Graduate Mental Health Placement. This will involve ...
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  Sunday May 19th. I will attempt to swim the breathtaking, Mediterranean Island of Dragonera. For me, an untried distance of 9.50 Kilometers. The cliffs are sheer and the water is very, very deep and on the dark side! See picture below.    I am r...